Curasept ADS | DNS 205 Plaque And Cavities Treatment Mouthwash




  • CHLOHEXIDINE 0.05% with ADS, DNA, PVP-VA copolymer.
  • Alcohol-free.
  • SLS free.

Format: 200ml


  • Chlorhexidine acts on the etiological factors of gingivitis and periodontal disease, with bactericidal and disintegrating effects of the Biofilm.
  • ADN acts as cellular bioactivator with a double action:- anti-inflammatory activity- tissue repair stimulation.It also counteracts the irritating effect on gingival tissuesdue to the prolonged use of Chlorhexidine.

Main uses:

  • Antiplaque and remineralising action.
  • PROTECTS the gums and dental enamel for daily treatment.
  • Regenerative effect on oral mucosa.

Application: Suitable for wearers of orthodontic appliances and for those who are more prone to tooth decay.

Mode of use: Ideal for daily use.