CURASEPT with over 25 years of experience, has quickly become an oral hygiene industry leader in Italy and many countries with its innovative and high-quality products with the aim of creating functional, reliable and innovative solutions in the world of chemical and mechanical oral hygiene. Curasept Vietnam is proud of being a part of Curasept global and always bringing high-quality products to Vietnamese.

CURASEPT quickly became a strong point of reference in Oral Care thanks to the design, development and patent of one of the first innovations in the sector, Chlorhexidine with Anti-Discoloration System (ADS) , a system that revolutionized the sector, establishing a new Gold Standard. This is the ADS (Anti Discoloration System), a system that allows the use of Chlorhexidine-based preparations without the risk of tooth discoloration, one of its hitherto well-known side effects. By 2005 it had become product leader of the chlorhexidine market in pharmacies IN ITALY.  A leadership reconfirmed today thanks to the new patented formulations that combine Chlorhexidine, with its anti-plaque and antibacterial action, with the action of DNA, a cellular bioactivator (DNA-ADS system).

INNOVATION has continued with additional line extensions by associating chlorhexidine with hyaluronic acid, chlorobutanol, PVP-VA and colostrum. More recently, in 2016, CURASEPT launched the BIOSMALTO range, a new formula that helps the remineralisation of tooth enamel.

Curasept's mission

To provide customers, partners, and shareholders with the most unique, innovative, and high-quality solutions in the oral hygiene field to enhance health, beauty, and well-being.

Curasept is committed to

Quality: Curasept is committed to the highest quality for all its products. Curasept’s products are manufactured in Italy with strict quality control processes.

Efficacy: Curasept provides effective solutions for oral health problems, helping users achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.