Curasept Orthodontic Kit




Ingredients: Chlorhexidine 0,05% + Fluoride 0.05%.


  • Daily plaque and cavity treatment.
  • Protection against bacterial plaque and caries.
  • Respects the natural white of teeth.
  • Protects bums and respects the white colour of teeth.

Included in bag:

  • Gel 705 Toothpaste – Chlorhexidine 0,05% with Fluoride.
  • Oral Rinse 205 – Chlorhexidine 0,05% with Floride.
  • Ortho Toothbrush.
  • Perfecto Floss (spongy).
  • Blue Denim clutch bag

How to use:

Oral rinse and toothpaste for daily use in patients with increased risk of tooth decay or gingivitis.