3 functional substances


The functional substances of Curasept Biosmalto present chemical, physical, morphological and mechanical properties similar to biological structures present in nature (enamel and dentin) and can stimulate, in a physiological environment, processes similar to those occurring in the presence of natural biological tissue, such as remineralization.


Curasept Biosmalto carries out a specific biomedical application without causing toxic effects
on the biological system.


Curasept Biosmalto has the ability to chemically interact with the hard tissues of the tooth, depositing a new mineral phase in continuity with the pre-existing one.

Biomimetic Technology :

  • Hydroxylapatite partially substituted and conjugated with Chitosan.

Mixture of biomimetic HYDROXYAPATITES:

  • Hydroxyapatite partially replaced
    with Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate CONJUGATED WITH CHITOSAN.
  • Hydroxyapatite partially replaced
    with fluorine.

Chitosan’s affinity with enamel facilitates the release of active ions directly onto tooth surfaces.

The two functional substances contained in both toothpastes and mouthwashes induce a NEW MINERAL PHASE THAT IS MORE RESISTANT to acid attacks and mechanical insults. Therefore their application increases resistance to tooth decay, inhibits the formation of bacterial plaque, stimulates the remineralization of enamel and dentin , protects against acid erosion and also thanks to the presence of strontium salts reduces the symptoms of dentin sensitivity.

Bioinspired Technology :

  • Amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticle enriched with carbonate and fluorine
  • Outer layer consisting of citrate


  • increases the solubility of the complex and the bioavailability of the active ions: Calcium, Phosphate and Fluorine.


  • Essential for maintaining healthy and strong teeth, it externally covers the F-ACP particles, stabilizes and makes the complex more biomimetic.


  • Present in free form within the complex, it contributes to the formation of Fluoroapatite.

Caries Abrasion & Erosion

It acts effectively on damage caused by abrasion and erosion and creates a new, more resistant mineral phase.

Sensitive Teeth

Creates a new mineral phase that is more resistant to acid attacks . Quickly reduces sensitivity.